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The Best Inventory Analysis Tool on the Market!

SourceMatch quickly and thoroughly inventories objects and source members in all libraries, identifying missing source as well as determining which of several source members matches the currently running object.

Use SourceMatch once a month and your system will stay clean, organized, and current. Just backing up won't help if someone accidentally deletes a source member!

saves countless hours of manual checking and cross-referencing and provides accurate, easy-to-read reports that give you all of the right information.

SourceMatch TM You'll Get Comprehensive Reports That List:

Last Date An Object Ran - Clean old or unused programs off your system!

All Duplicate Source Members With Last Change Date - Purge duplicates and save space!

Date And Time Match Of Object and Source - Make sure you're changing the right source!

All Missing Source - Find out what you need in time to get it!

Uncompiled Source For Which There Is No Object - Another way to clean house and save space!

File Object's Level Identifiers Matched To Program's External Files - Make sure you're looking at the right files!


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