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JuggerSoft, a tradestyle of Jugger Enterprises LLC, develops one-of-a-kind programmer utilities and system management tools that provide mission critical services to companies relying on midrange and mainframe servers.

Our products and services are life-saving solutions for companies faced with replacing or rewriting their enterprise applications. Whether the problem is missing or outdated source code, discontinuation of support, or simply the need to migrate to a more robust platform, JuggerSoft's tools provide a far faster, more cost-effective solution than rewriting or replacing and retraining-every time.


Thanks to JuggerSoft's creative and determined development team, what most researchers and computer scientists have deemed impossible is now a reality. JuggerSoft has taken reverse engineering to a new level with the development of a full line of decompilers, including our latest #8482; C/C++ Decompiler for HP-UX.

The best run IT departments can, and often do, fall victim to source integrity problems. Sometimes, the source is actually missing. In other cases, multiple versions have been created and it's impossible to determine which one matches the currently running executable.

Whether you fall prey to a system crash, programmer error, missing or destroyed backup tapes, sabotage, or a third party vendor that went south, JuggerSoft guarantees we will recover your source. Even when it requires custom development of a new decompiler, we'll generate new source that functions identically to the original in a fraction of the time it will take you to rewrite or retrain your staff on a new application.


What happens when your legacy code, or the platform on which it's running, is no longer supported? What if the programmers w proficient in that language can't be found? Maintaining your existing applications may be easier than you think with JuggerSoft's FLEXSYST language conversion services.

You've made a huge investment in your enterprise software applications. And, whether new or old, you need the ability to debug, enhance, and successfully migrate to another platform. So maintaining your code isn't a minor issue. Nor, usually, is your first choice to scrap it for another application or rewrite it from scratch.

Fortunately for you, JuggerSoft's focus is on developing unique utilities that save thousands of man-hours and often millions of scarce IT dollars. Quite simply, we will convert your code from the original language to the new language of your choice, and enable it to run on the platform of your choice (e.g., COBOL to RPGLE or C++, PL1 to RPG, RPG to C++ or JAVA, etc.). Even if your source is missing, the process is infinitely less expensive and time-intensive than rewriting or retraining. And think of the savings you'll realize from the extended life of your applications!

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