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Utility Performs Exact Match
of Object and Source.

SourceFind, which can be set to run system-wide, solves the common problem of determining which of several source members corresponds to the currently running program object.

If there is a match, SourceFind identifies the correct source member, along with the source file and library in which it resides.

SourceFind 2.0 ABSTRACT


For a variety of reasons, a system may have multiple source versions of a compiled program object. Determining which of these versions matches the program can be an extremely difficult task. If a source has a last change date and time exactly matching the program's "source file change date and time," then a match is almost certain. Otherwise, it can only be achieved through compilation and then exhaustive testing.

Problems in trying to locate a matching source through some shortcut are not very trustworthy. Some common methods and their relative problems follow:

    1. Compiling a source and then comparing the size of the program it generates to the original program size leaves two problems. First, program sizes may not match even if the source is correct because of changes to the compiler from release to release. Second, even if the programs do match in size, changes could have been made which do not affect size (e.g. ADD TAXTOT TOTNET and SUB TAXTOT TOTNET generate the same amount of machine code).
    2. Using the latest source that has been changed also is very risky. That version might have been a very old one, but was simply changed by the addition of a comment, which would update the change date and time.

SourceFind is a programmer's utility designed to resolve the problem of matching a program to the copy of the source which produced it. The utility combines features of two of JuggerSoft's other licensable utilities: SourceMatch, which locates all copies of sources whose name matches that of the programs on a systemwide basis, and the JGSTM RPG Decompiler, which translates machine code back into source.

SourceFind is a utility that locates all potential source matches.Then it:

  • Builds the correct library list necessary to compile the source into QTEMP;
  • Compiles it;
  • Decompiles it;
  • Matches the source to the decompiled source of the original program.

(The process continues through each of the source versions until a match is found, or until all source version have been processed.)

  • Finally, a report is generated, listing the matches found.

Machine Requirements

AS/400 ENVIRONMENT: The JGS utility will run on all models of the AS/400 system. Version 3 Release 2 or above of OS/400 is required.


Enhances/increases user programmer productivity in several problem solving areas:

  • Determines which of several source members corresponds to currently running object programs.
  • Allows correct version, with comments, to be the version to which subsequent changes are to be made.
  • Allows a system wide sweep of source for insertion into a change management tool.
  • Simplifies migration to new platforms.


Each copy of SourceFind is tied to a particular CPU via the system's unique serial number to prevent unauthorized duplication of the software. In order to decompile a program object, the user must have *ALLOBJ authority over the objects to be used, copied or compiled.


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