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Why Decompile
With major businesses focusing more and more on web enablement, the proliferation of web-based applications, and the growth of Unix in the mainframe and midrange marketplace, there is a growing demand for decompilers specific to these systems. The reasons for needing to decompile are numerous and, from JuggerSoft's experience, the same regardless of the operating system on which the code is running.

A few of the most common reasons are:

  • Third party vendors go out of business;
  • Programmers accidentally delete the source;
  • Backup tapes are lost or destroyed;
  • Entire system crash;
  • Multiple versions of source have been created and creation dates are destroyed making it impossible to tell which source matches the currently running object/executable
  • Sabotage;
  • Migration to a new architecture.
Regardless of the reason, the critical factors in deciding if decompilation is a viable option, provided there are no legal issues, are

  1. the ability to get decompiled source that is an exact match of the original source;
  2. cost;
  3. turnaround time

JuggerSoft has gained the respect and continued business of thousands of IT managers, system analysts, programmers and industry experts by proving that decompiling is not only a viable option, it meets all three criteria in almost every instance.



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