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JGS DDS Decompiler Product Description


CAPABILITIES: The JGS DDS Decompiler generates new DDS source physical file members from compiled DDS file objects. The utility works for display and printer files, along with physical, logical and join logical database files compiled on the AS/400 or the S/38.

Since the field members and text descriptions are stored in the object file, the newly generated source member is identical to the original, except for internal comments.

PERFORMANCE: Current benchmarks put the time required to decompile a file at approximately three times (3X) longer than the time required to compile the source member. That is, a member which would take 1 minute to compile would take 3 minutes to decompile.


Enhances/increases user programmer productivity in several problem solving areas:
Determines which of several source members corresponds to currently running object programs.
Retrieves modifications in current object
missing from current source.
Delivers Best Price/Performance
for Recreating Existing Code.
Simplifies Migration to New Platforms.
Protects Investment in Existing Software for Which Source is Not Available.


AS/400 ENVIRONMENT: The JGS utility will run on all models of the AS/400 system. Version 3, Release 1 or above of IBM Operating System/400 is required. It requires 4MB of auxiliary storage space.


Each copy of JGS DDS is tied to a particular CPU via the system's unique serial number to prevent unauthorized duplication of the software. In order to decompile a file, the user must have *ALLOBJ authority over the object to be restored and *CHANGE authority to the source physical file where the new member is to be written.


JGS DDS currently supports the DDS source members compiled on the AS/400 and file objects ported over from a S/38 compiled under CPF rel. 4-8.



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